Real Time Labor Market Data for Career Planning

Policy or Initiative Description

Businesses should measure and publish real time labor market data. Data covering skills demand and supply, future job forecasts, and other factors that influence employability could be used to create tools aimed at helping workers plan their careers and to design upskilling training program.. Policymakers and researchers could also use these data to better study local labor markets in order to plan for future changes.

Nesta Open Jobs

Nesta is developing an Open Jobs platform in the United Kingdom. The project seeks to create a set of tools that make use of public, commercial, and web-scraping data sources to provide better information about skills supply and demand in the current market, as well as develop future projections for these factors.


Mulgan, Geoff and Baker, Rosalinda. “Open Jobs: Making labour markets smarter and empowering job seekers.” Nesta. June 25, 2018.



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