Worker- and Employer-Funded Lifelong Learning Accounts

Policy or Initiative Description

Policymakers should create worker-controlled Lifelong Learning and Training Accounts to be funded jointly by workers, employers, and government. Workers can use these funds to pay for learning programs over the course of their careers. All workers should have financial assistance and a portable system to help them access new education and training opportunities.


Lifelong Learning Account demonstration programs have been implemented in several states and cities, including Maine, Washington, Chicago, and New York City. Washington state’s Lifelong Learning Program is a voluntary employee benefits program where employers agree to match their employees’ contributions to a Lifelong Learning Account. The fund is portable and can be used for any education or training investment.


Mcalister, Erin. “Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative State Policy Agenda.” The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative. February 2019.



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