Government- and Union-Funded Lifelong Learning Accounts

Policy or Initiative Description

Governments should create lifelong learning programs and, along with labor unions, subsidize workers’ access to them. This can be done in the form of pilot "personal learning accounts" that give every worker a budget to spend on training modules. Lifelong learning programs allow workers to upgrade their skills throughout their working lives and remain competent through changing workforce demands.


Singapore is already providing its citizens with “learning credits” of around $367 a year, which permit access to 18,000 courses that contribute to the constant upgrading of skills. In 2015, France introduced a “personal training account” where workers receive the right to a number of hours of training per year.


Braam, Irene, Anthony Silberfeld, and Emily Rodriguez. “The Future of Work: A Guide for Transatlantic Policymakers.” Bertelsmann Foundation and Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. January 2019.



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