Cross-Industry Skills Credentialing

Policy or Initiative Description

Employers should provide new ways for workers to signal their skills and credentials across fields as jobs and industries change. Businesses can work with educational institutions as well as organizations like Credential Engine, Job Data Exchange, and T3 Network to rewire the current skill-signaling system toward transparency and integration, as well as build linkages across the data and tech infrastructure that underpins this new system. Cross-industry skills credentialing enables employees to communicate and demonstrate their skills and the applicability of those skills to future work.


Greater Washington Partnership's CoLAB, a partnership of business and academic institutions in the Capital region, created a set of new digital-technology credentials for students looking to develop skills relevant to the digital economy, as well as a curated selection of courses designed in partnership with many of the region's leading companies.


“America at Work: A National Mosaic and Roadmap for Tomorrow.” Walmart.



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