Digital Platforms to Support Self-Employment

Policy or Initiative Description

Governments should recognize the wide variety of forms of modern self-employment and consider the potential of digital platforms to offer support to self-employed people. While self-employment is growing in popularity, this group of the labor force lacks access to the benefits of employed workers and is less likely to have savings for retirement. Government-supported digital platforms could make it easier for workers to make the correct tax payments, pay into pensions, and give self-employed workers a stronger voice. is one of the most widely-covered non-governmental organization systems. Particularly popular with workers in the gig economy, the platform allows workers to organize online campaigns to alter specific company policies.


Brhmie Balaram, Josie Warden and Fabian Wallace-Stephens. “Good Gigs: A fairer future for the UK’s gig economy.” The RSA. April 2017.



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