Employment Status and Benefits Transparency

Policy or Initiative Description

Policymakers should develop legislation that makes it easier for workers to receive basic details about their employment relationship up front, such as requiring employers to provide a written statement of terms to the employee upon hiring. as well as updating the rules on continuous employment to make it easier to accrue service. This would include basic information about the workers' weekly hours and wages, sick pay, pension, healthcare benefits, and whether the employee begins receiving these on day one or must first work for a period of time. Such a notice should be written in simple language that is understandable and not filled with legalese, such that there is little chance for misunderstanding between the worker and employer about what the terms and expectations of employment are.


Such legislation exists in the United Kingdom, where employers must provide employees with a "written statement of employment particulars", including information such as wages, holiday wage entitlement, and who to go to with a grievance, within two months of their hire.


“Employment Contracts,” GOV.UK, accessed from https://www.gov.uk/employment-contracts-and-conditions/written-statement-of-employment-particulars.



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