Job Placement and Skills Gap Analytical Tools

Policy or Initiative Description

Employers and governments should commit resources to developing new online analytical tools for a more effective matching process among jobs, workers, and training programs. These tools can employ data on required competencies, resumes, online job ads, and occupational demand  to connect job seekers to jobs and postsecondary education and training programs that meet their needs. They can also assist mid- and late-career adults who need additional education, training, and career services to remain in the workforce.


The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development created the Job Skills Transfer Assessment Tool (JOBSTAT) in 2010 to facilitate job seekers’ transitions from their current jobs to similar or different occupations. Organized around 22 job families in the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database, JOBSTAT shows job seekers how well their current skills match the skills needed for their desired occupations, annual wages for each occupation, postsecondary education and training options available to gain the new skills necessary, and current job openings. State leaders made the tool’s algorithm available to other states; among others, the U.S. Department of Labor is using Minnesota’s tool as a model for its My Next Move website.





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