Worker Centers

Policy or Initiative Description

Worker networks and labor organizations can establish worker centers to help workers organize and more effectively engage in collective bargaining. Workers centers are nonprofit, community-based organizations that provide social services and labor resources. They help fill a void in sectors where non-standard forms of employment predominate and in industries where workers face barriers to formal unionization.


National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) - the organization uses a number of non-traditional means to help workers organize, such as their Jornaler@ app. The app allows day laborers to identify and report businesses that failed to pay workers. The data allows organizaer to bring formal complaints against the businesses to recoup lost wages.


Johnston, Hanna and Chris Land-Kazlauskas. "Orgnanizing on-demand: Representation, voice, and collective bargaining in the gig economy." International Labour Office. 2019



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