Company Assets as Wage Supplements

Policy or Initiative Description

Governments should partner with big firms to provide workers with some ownership of company assets to supplement their wages. This might be achieved via taxation or with an "inclusive ownership fund" formed by taking a percentage of shares from large companies. Asset equity offers a means to ensure that workers share in the benefits of new technology, and that they stand to gain a larger share of the economic growth driven by higher productivity.


The Labour Party in the U.K. has suggested taking 10 percent of the shares from the largest U.K. companies and putting them into an Inclusive Ownership Fund. Dividends from this fund would be capped and redistributed to workers of those companies.


Dellot, Benedict, Rich Mason, and Fabian Wallace-Stephens. “The Four Futures of Work.” Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce Action and Research Centre. March 2019.



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